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Lumaker has introduced advanced metal spinning technique from Germany and invested in high -quality production equipment including high precision CNC spinning lathes, punching presses, etc. With experienced technicians and qualified manufacturing team, we are dedicated to helping our customers from product design, development to mass production and carry out strict control on metal spinning, welding, polishing and surface treatment. 

To be sure that we constantly meet the highest quality standards, our quality control utilizes the most advanced inspection equipment including Coordinate Measuring Machine and statistical process control. Lumaker Metal Spinning also has the flexibility to customize an inspection process that meets the needs of our customers. Lumaker Metal Spinning has an in-house tool and die facility providing the flexibility often needed when designing prototypes, and the economy needed for larger production orders. Tooling costs for precision metal spinning can often be as little as 1/50th of the complex transfer dies used to stamp the same parts. Through our flexibility of design, low tooling costs and quick delivery (we can go from blueprint to finished product within 5 working days). Thanks to these advantages, Lumaker Metal Spinning has established a leading reputation as a valued supplier to lighting, ventilation, electronics and automotive industries.


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