Metal Spinning Design Considerations

Metal Spinning Design Considerations

Design Considerations Concerning Metal Spinning Tolerances, Thickness and More

Metal Spinning Tolerances


With advancements in metal spinning technology and CNC spinning machines, Lumaker can now hold tighter tolerances than ever before. However metal spinning is not as exact as milling or machining.


The following elements should be fully taken into account.




Metal spinning is only for concentric shapes, which means all spun parts are round. Because spun parts are mostly round, metal spinning allows for a variety of radii.


Learn more about metal forming shapes from the experts at Lumaker Spinning!


Recommended Design Considerations for Cost Savings


Parts increase in diameter as they increase in depth

The outside diameter is greater than or equal to, two times the overall depth/height

Limit reverse angles - in which the largest diameter is not the same as outside diameter / open end.




In addition to mild carbon steel and aluminum (see comparison), Lumaker Spinning’s operates powerful CNC spinning machines and hydraulically assisted lathes, which allows us to form high strength steels, stainless steel and red metals which have a tendency to work harden quickly.


Due to the way metal spinning moves the material during the forming process we suggest that powder coating, painting and plating be preformed after the spinning process is complete. However, Lumaker is able to spin galvanized and galvannealed steel without causing significant flaking or thinning of the coating. Please visit our materials page or speak with a Luaker Metal Spinning representative to learn how Wenzel’s material and machine capabilities increase your manufacturing options.


Holes and Slots

Many parts require holes, slots, or indentations. Luaker Metal Spinning’s CNC controlled turret presses can produce a diverse array of holes and patterns to within +/- .010” in a single operation. The turret presses pierce the material before it has been formed and is still in the flat. In addition to our four CNC turret punches Wenzel has multiple punch presses up to 60 tons and a wide range of drilling operations.



One of the greatest advantages of metal spinning is the low-cost tooling. When comparing stamping or hydroforming tooling to those for metal spinning, you can expect to see savings of around 80%. To further enhance our customer’s savings we produce all of our tooling in-house from either wood, composite or steel.  Luaker Metal Spinning respects the intellectual properties of all our customers.  A customers’ tools are proprietary and not available for use to any third parties without prior written consent.  


The Advantages of Lumaker Metal Spinning Tooling

In house construction

80% savings over stamping of deep draw tooling

Tooling is a onetime charge

No Re-tooling or maintenance fees

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